UrBC cited most often in Chelyabinsk Region

27 October 2009 (08:12)

Chumikov PR & Consulting International Press Club recently came up with its thorough analysis of Chelyabinsk Region’s online news resources’ performance. This research was actually part of the agency’s contract with the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Administration.

The research provided for a few ratings of online media (several single-criterion ratings and one final one) and singled out the most distinctive features of Ural Federal District and Chelyabinsk Region’s Internet-based media.

The media were evaluated on a ten-point scale, with ten awarded to news resources that met the proposed criterion best of all. The project relied on Integrum information/analytical system and on Yandex.News.

Chumikov’s research findings actually indicate that UralBusinessConsulting Agency of Information and Analytics’ South Ural office was Chelyabinsk Region’s most frequently cited online news source. The agency’s news items have been cited at least once in over forty local papers belonging to very different genres. As it happens, the topic that gets the most attention is Chelyabinsk Region itself: most local newspapers refer to some news items that have been carried by UrBC first.

What is more, UralBusinessConsulting/UrBC was declared to present the news in a professional and adequate way and to cover the most socially significant items. This is why the agency scored ten out of ten in the two respective ratings.

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