UrBC praised by PR agency

25 August 2009 (07:46)

Predein & Partners PR Agency’s findings indicate that UralBusinessConsulting Agency of Information and Analytics (IAA UrBC) made the greatest contribution to Sverdlovsk Region-based banks’ favorable public image.

The agency’s Managing Partner Alexander Predein says these studies were part of the company’s production process. Their bank image-contributing media rating is based on such criteria as the type of publications carried by the media as well as the credibility of their web pages.

According to the agency’s report, IAA UrBC has also been producing the greatest number of news items where the regional banks are mentioned. In fact, the agency carries as many as one hundred banking news reports a month.

‘We only looked at how Sverdlovsk Region banks’ web-based publicity looked in the month of April; the data received bear no traces of any deliberate negative campaigning whatsoever; the unfavorable information that does make its way to the net usually comes from some sporadic sources. Some media are naturally more energetic at adding to the regional banks’ ‘good looks’, and

UralBusinessConsulting definitely stands out in this respect,’ says Predein.

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