SKB-Bank’s Couch Bank has over 6,000 users

15 October 2009 (11:10)

The number customers of who enjoy using SKB-Bank’s online service popularly known as Couch Bank has exceeded 6,000 people by October 14, 2009, the bank reports.

The Couch Bank customers can use the service to transfer rubles into the other banks’ accounts as well as into SKB-Bank’s accounts (this includes both one customer’s various accounts and the accounts of several different customers). They can also get account statements and detailed updates on all the account transactions and are informed about the bank’s deposit and loan offers.

‘It’s very convenient to subscribe to the Couch Bank system, and it’s very easy to use it. This is why our Internet Bank’s motto is The Power of Simplicity,’ says SKB-Bank’s Retail Business Director Tatiana Ushkova.

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