Bank Koltso Urala upgrades e-banking app

8 June 2015 (09:24)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 8, 2015. Bank Koltso Urala recently upgraded its e-banking app, an ‘easier’ version for private customers, the bank’s press service reports.

Telebank Express users can now transfer money from their bank card accounts to their savings accounts and perform other account-to-account transfers, get bank statements, and check their loan contract provisos and terms of repayment online. All of these only used to be available to Telebank customers with an electronic signature before.

Telebank Express allows Bank Koltso Urala’s customers to perform bank card and card account transactions, including online transfers, pay their mobile phone and other bills, create payment templates, convert sums from one currency into another, and get virtual bank cards blocked or issued.

The upgraded e-banking app is available for current customers upon their application.

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