Absolut Bank sues Pnevmostroymashina

3 September 2009 (08:21)

‘Absolut Bank is trying to get the debts from Pnevmostroymashina; these debts stem from two loan agreements that we have. The sum we are claiming comes from these two agreements’ principal debt, the interest, and the late payment interests on the principal debt and the interest,’ AKB Absolut Bank’s Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board Anatoly Maksakov said to an UrBC reporter.

Meanwhile, Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court is now looking into the claim laid by the bank’s Yekaterinburg division against Pnevmostroymashina and PSM-Gidravlika; the bank insists on being paid 217.7 million RUR. As a matter of fact, the two defendants’ total debt to all of its creditors comes to more than 448 million RUR.

Anatoly Maksakov reports their loan agreement provided for some security, including a number of offices, a land allotment, and some industrial machinery.

‘The bank has numerously asked the debtor to pay off the overdue debt, sent them a written demand, and set a deadline for the payment. However, as Pnevmostroymashina kept ignoring its agreement responsibilities, Absolut Bank was forced to take legal action. Nevertheless, I’d like to make it clear that the defendant still has the voluntary settlement option,’ Maksakov says.

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