Court hears Bank VTB vs. Pnevmostroymashina

21 October 2009 (11:53)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court will resume hearing of the claim laid by Bank VTB against Pnevmostroymashina on October 20, 2009. The plaintiff wants to be paid 51.88 million RUR and to have the defendant’s mortgaged property arrested.

The sum of the claim is made up of 50 million RUR worth of debt proper (resulting from the loan agreement signed on December 24, 2007), a certain amount of loan interest, and the commission charged for cash transactions. As for the mortgaged property in question, these are the assets of PSM-Gidravlika used as collateral for the loan agreement.

The bank has appealed to court earlier, asking to raise the sum of the claimed interest up to 2.98 million RUR.

The defendants have so far provided written responses to the claim and declared they could not fully agree with the claimed amounts.

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