MMK launches cold-formed products

13 August 2009 (08:02)

The workers of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) sheet-rolling shop No. 7 have recently mastered the technology related to cold-formed section production. These sections are meant to be used for building bridges.

The order for the sections was placed by KurganStalMost which needed A-line formed sections for fortifying the bridge structures.

The manufactured section is 8mm thick and 12 meters long; it was made of S420MС steel in accordance with the DINEN 10149-2:1995 standards.

‘We chose this highly durable steel type which is relatively new to MMK because today’s building know-hows rely heavily on the highly efficient formed steel sections that are extremely durable, hard, and malleable as well as great quality though inexpensive. MMK has never produced such formed sections from the highly durable steel types before, so this kind of produce used to be imported from Finland,’ MMK reports.

Following KurganStalMost’s request, MMK manufactured not only a set of 150х180х300х8 formed sections, but also an experimental batch of hot-rolled 6mm formed sections made of 10ХСНД steel. The geometrical parameters of the 6mm-thick section were useful in designing the drawing for the new A-line formed section with the dimensions of 150×173×316×6 mm; this new section was later made of S420MС steel.

The enterprise therefore has found a new niche on the domestic metal products market.

‘Our expertise in terms of formed section production (and meeting all the European standards involved) opens up new market prospects for MMK as well as creates an appealing supply for the bridge-building industry,’ MMK’s PR Department notes.

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