Nova-Group forced to sue Luxury Life

21 August 2009 (07:42)

‘Our company’s top executives were forced to sue Luxury Life in order to get the rent debts paid because the debtor was not willing to work on the out-of-court settlement,’ Nova-Group Development informed an UrBC reporter.

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court has partially sustained the claim laid by Nova-Group Development against Luxury Life. The plaintiff insisted on being paid $83,780, so the court ruled that $42,110 must be paid by the defendant.

Now Luxury Life owns FENDI CASA, a fashionable furniture and home accessories boutique that used to be operating in Yekaterinburg’s Tikhvin Gallery at 48 Khokhryakov St. Like Alex Zander, FENDI CASA is a member of AZ-Group Holding that specializes in interior design.

‘Following the preliminary court hearing, Luxury Life paid a portion of its debt back, namely, $41,670, which was why our claims were reduced to $42,110. This was actually the claim sustained by the arbitration court on August 14, 2009,’ the plaintiff reports.

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