Inturline loses touch with Association, Sultanov reports

19 August 2009 (09:53)

‘We are aware of what is happening to Inturline right now, and I personally feel that the root of this travel agent’s problems lies in the wrong management,’ Ural Tourism Association CEO Tagir Sultanov said to an UrBC reporter.

In the meantime, quite a few Yekaterinburg-based travel agents complain about unsettled financial claims they have against Inturline; some of these companies have already taken their cases to court.

‘The best way out would be to stop operating for a while in order to pay off debts. However, Aleander Chirkov is not willing to take our advice, I’m not sure why. Moreover, the company has nearly lost touch with the Association. So, if things go on like this, we’ll have to consider expelling Inturline from the Association,’ Sultanov observed.

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