Orange Tour, Mir-Voyage, and Piligrim excluded from federal register

7 May 2009 (11:14)

Following the order issued by the head of Rostourism Anatoly Yarochkin, over 655 tour operators have been excluded from the federal register after they failed to provide any data on their financial guarantees for the new term, the spokesperson for Roustourism (the federal tourist agency) reports.

There is a number of Yekaterinburg-based companies on this list: Inturline-99, TBK Inturline, Ural Tourist Company, Mega Tour, Orange Tour, Orange Tour Region, Finnex-tour, Mir-Voyage, Cleo Tur, Alexandria, Piligrim, Reise, Inform-Tour, Southern Cross-Yekaterinburg, Soglasiye-Ek, Kurortniy Mir, Malibu, Volniy Veter, and Alina.

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