Money smuggled from Bank VTB 24 to Uralprivatbank accounts

Bank VTB 24 press service claims 3.8 million RUR was illegally transferred into Uralprivatbank’s client accounts after this money had been stolen from Gelix Center for Democracy and Human Rights Promotion’s account in Bank VTB 24.

‘Bank VTB 24 Saint Petersburg branch’s security service detected a suspicious transaction within the Bank-Client Online system on August 7, 2009. 3.8 million RUR was taken out of Gelix Center’s account and was first transferred into another Bank VTB 24 customer’s account and then into client accounts at Uralprivatbank. Gelix Center was informed of this doubtful transaction at once, upon which the organization assured the bank officials the transaction was not authorized. Therefore Bank VTB 24 security staff contacted their Uralprivatbank’s counterparts and had the accounts frozen,’ the bank’s website says.

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