Russkiy Solod wants Baltika to pay 3.7 billion RUR

Russkiy Solod placed a claim with Moscow Arbitration Court, demanding that Baltika Beer Company should pay them 2.11 billion RUR. According to RBC daily, the claim was registered in the Default on Agreement Commitments category and was related to the defendant’s alleged failure to meet its obligations as to buying malt. The malt was to be delivered in the first quarter of 2009.

This claim is a build-up on last year’s cases, so now Russkiy Solod is trying to make Baltika pay them over 3.7 billion RUR.

The plaintiff laid its first claim against the defendant in December 2008. The sum in question was the 1.6 billion RUR for the acquired malt (including the fine for a failed contract), RBC daily reports. The agency refers to its source in saying that Baltika stopped buying the agreed amounts of malt in August 2008 and turned to the lower-price offers on the free and open market.

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