Baltika turned down by beer drinkers online

18 August 2008 (07:50)

People who leave their comments on the beer-lovers’ site don’t speak very highly of Baltika’s produce, complaining of some strange addle and a strong metallic after-taste. The online commentators believe Baltika is popular with low-income population groups; this is particularly true of Baltika No. 9, they say.

‘It’s all alcohol and you just can’t drink it. Even plain alcohol would be better than Baltika No.9,’ one regular user’s comment says.

Some less strong beer kinds, like Baltika Lite, for instance, appear to leave customers disappointed as well:

‘It has no smell, it has no taste, it’s transparent, and there is no head,’ another comment states.

The online commentators suggest Baltika stopped taking care of the product’s quality as the company feels its market position is stable enough with things as they are.

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