MRSK goes for Chinese suppliers

22 July 2009 (09:46)

‘MRSK Holding chose the Chinese equipment suppliers purely on the basis of prices. What this actually means is that the holding refused to support the domestic manufacturers and decided to save some money,’ the spokesperson for Ural Turbine Plant Elena Venediktova said to an UrBC reporter.

MRSK Holding and their Chinese partner signed a memorandum on economic and trade cooperation. The memorandum states that the Chinese power machinery manufacturers are going to take part in the restoration of the Russian energy complex. The project is expected to take about a decade and is worth some $100bn.

‘In cases like this, the state must exert its influence over the giant enterprises. Our plant is a member of the Power Engineering Industry Committee, so, along with some other members, we intend to propose our own project to the government. This project would support the Russian industry and limit the foreign (especially Chinese) expansion on the market,’ Venediktova noted.

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