Ural Turbine Plant’s account sequestered

16 July 2009 (07:52)

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court keeps looking into the claim laid by Apogei Metall Yekaterinburg against Ural Turbine Plant. The plaintiff insists on being paid 2,466,018.54 RUR for the products delivered, the contract penalty of 123,300.93 RUR for the period of August 27, 2008 to December 29, 2008, and the 969,701.2- RUR interest (VAT excluded) for the period of December 30, 2008 till the payoff date.

The plaintiff took the case to court hoping the authorities would secure the claim by arresting the defendant’s cash assets, namely, 2,613,766.07 RUR (2,589,319.47 RUR which is the claim’s worth plus the 24,446.6 RUR state duty paid by the plaintiff). The company also asked the court to make it impossible for the bank to deduct any sums from the defendant’s account and to arrest other registered accounts in case there isn’t enough to meet their claims in the first account.

To support its claims, Apogei Metall Yekaterinburg declared the defendant was trying to avoid paying, which gave them the grounds to assume that Ural Turbine Plant might attempt to make its cash resources inaccessible.

‘What is more, there are plenty of likewise claims against the defendant, for instance, cases А60-23404/09, А60-23183/09, А60-21562/09, А60-19916/09, А60-19840/09, and А60-13794/09 that total to 86,746,216.42 RUR,’ Apogei reports.

The court found the plaintiff’s argumentation convincing, so 2,613,766.07 RUR was sequestered in Ural Turbine Plant’s account No. 40702810100000004678 in Yekaterinburg-based UralTransBank. In case the sum isn’t sufficient to meet the claims laid against the plant, UralTransBank is to arrest the money transferred into the defendant’s registered accounts in the future within the limits of the above-mentioned sum.

The next court hearing has been scheduled for July 15, 2009.

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