Ural Builder fails to get Uraltransmash’s accounts seized

12 April 2012 (09:36)

Ural Builder LLC was unable to get Uraltransmash’s accounts seized: Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court rejected the company’s petition to that effect.

Now Ural Builder placed a claim asking to make Uraltransmash make an advance payment (7.31m RUR) and the interest charged for using another party’s funds (150,730 RUR) with the court.

At the same time, the plaintiff asked to take provisional measures, that is, to seize the defendant’s funds, including those getting transferred into the defendant’s bank account, or any other property of the defendant. When submitting the petition, the plaintiff claimed not taking the measures in question would make the implementation of the court’s ruling regarding the case very difficult, of not altogether impossible, since the defendant has so far been ignoring all of the plaintiff’s appeals.

The court looked into both parties’ arguments and decided that the fact that Uraltransmash is not paying off the debt is not a good enough reason to resort to provisional remedy, as the nonpayment as such does not mean that the defendant is trying to hide its assets or that the implementation of the court’s ruling will be difficult or impossible.

The hearing of the said case is still in progress.

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