Governor Sumin praises experienced managers

Chelyabinsk Region is going through a hard time at the moment, so the experienced managers’ expertise would come in very handy in the problem-solving process, Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin said at an administrative reserve meeting recently.

This reserve comprises 2,405 people aspiring for leading positions in the federal and local governments and ministries. Sumin said both the region and the country’s governments were rather interested in learning what kinds of people were employed in various branches of economy and how efficiently they could deal with the existing problems.

‘It happens sometimes that one needs a good manager to fill in an important position and one cannot find the right person. But this is all because we just don’t know about our own reserves. This is why a special file has been created that also gives the promising leaders a chance to reveal their full potential, move up the career ladder, and deal with the increasingly challenging tasks,’ the Governor said.

Deputy Governor Nikolai Ryazanov says each person on the list is to have his or her achievements assessed by an ad hoc committee. In case the candidate for the position fails to cope with the proposed tasks, they might be taken off the list. On the other hand, each of them will also have an advisor that will give them advice and share experience.

Governor Sumin feels a manager’s job is a daily examination.

‘You have to prove your expertise and abilities every single time, with voters, colleagues, and bosses evaluating your decisions,’ he explained.

Deputy Head of Chelyabinsk Region’s Material Resources Administration Sergey Sushkov believes being put on the reserve list is a great honor and a great responsibility.

‘We must prove worthy of this honor, so our top priority at the moment is learning from the invaluable experience of the Governor’s team,’ he said. Sushkov suggested that such meetings should be held on a regular basis to make sure all the burning issues get discussed. According to the spokesperson for the Governor, Petr Sumin approved of the proposal.

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