MMK’s production departments set new records in 2014

17 March 2015 (09:13)

March 17, 2015. A number of production departments at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) set new local performance records, MMK reports.

The company’s furnace shop produced the record-setting 10.28m tons of pig iron using its eight blast furnaces in 2014. The steel-smelting department made 13.03m tons of steel, which is the best result since 2007 and second best result since 1991. The oxygen converter shop produced over 10m tons of steel.

The coke and by-product processing department produced some 5.6m tons of coke last year, which is the best result since 2004 and the second best result in MMK’s history.

Finally, the company’s shape and bar production department also set production records last year.

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