Uralzarubezhservis fails to eliminate problems

‘On May 18, 2009, we were informed that Ramada Hotel had been fully completed, so our experts carried out the final inspection of the building three days later. Some grave violations were detected in the course of this inspection; these were related to hygienic regulations, fire safety, and construction standards. Our experts thus declared that the building was actually not ready to be commissioned,’ Sverdlovsk Region’s Administration for State Construction Surveillance representatives said to UrBC.

According to the Administration, the finishing work of the interior was also not complete; nor had the suction-and-exhaust ventilation system been assembled; the production departments lacked the technological equipment, so the machinery had obviously not been tested. What is more, Uralzarubezhservis (the developer) was ordered to build in the noise insulation system, since there was a lot of noise coming from the busy highway nearby connecting Koltsovo Airport to the city.

‘Most of the problems had been solved by June 1, 2009, but the developer hasn’t announced yet that all the eliminations have been removed in their entirety,’ the Adminsitration representative says.

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