Yekaterinburg to get fewer auto shows due to crisis

‘Instead of the five new automobile showrooms we had been planning on, only three of them will get commissioned in Yekaterinburg this year. This has to do with the current economic difficulties in the country,’ the Commodities Market Committee’s expert Galina Kosareva said to an UrBC reporter.

‘For one, the construction of GAZ-Center’s showroom in Scherbakov St. had to be stopped. In fact, this car factory had been unable to produce any new cars until they got a government loan. Whether this loan is going to change things for the better remains yet to be seen,’ she explained.

The showroom was actually supposed to have been commissioned in the second quarter of 2009.

‘What is more, Volkswagen also had to freeze the construction of its showroom here,’ Kosareva added.

‘Finally, things remain uncertain for Infinity’s show, since a portion of the land allotment provided for them belongs to private farmers, which means a lot of money is needed to solve this problem. The company is currently negotiating with the land owners, and the construction plans haven’t been taken off the list as of yet,’ the expert noted.

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