SOT and MZMZ get QS Azia Sertik’s certificates

18 May 2009 (11:24)

SOT and Magnitogorsk-based MZMZ (members of Rimera O&G maintenance company) have been successfully re-certified by QS Azia Sertik (based in Almaty, Kazakhstan) and thus proved the compliance of their quality management system and of their produce with the ST RK ISO 9001-2001 standards.

The ST RK ISO 9001-2001 standard is the state standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and an adjusted version of the international ISO 9001:2000 one. Getting the compliance certificate is obligatory for all the enterprises willing to supply their produce to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

‘These companies quality management system still meets all of the ST RK ISO 9001-2001 standard’s requirements, it is functional, and it gets ongoing improvements. The auditors were particularly impressed with MZMZ’s innovations that help to get the company’s strategic goals across to all the employees more effectively and control the process of their achievement.

Both SOT and MZMZ received their first certificates of compliance with ST RK ISO 9001-2001 standard in 2005.

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