Sverdlovenergobyt to pay 14.44-million-ruble fine

15 May 2009 (10:34)

The Federal Antimonopoly Service’s Sverdlovsk Region division imposed a 14.44-million-ruble fine on Sverdlovenergosbyt for violating the antimonopoly legislation, the spokesperson for the division reports.

The Service completed the investigation of Sverdlovenergosbyt’s case on February 16, 2009, declaring that the company was guilty of violating Article 10 (part 1, paragraph 5) of the Competition Protection Act.

The offense consisted in the company avoiding the capturing of the power supply contracts with two local sole traders (E.V. Mazitova and I.V. Romanova). Sverdlovenergosbyt claimed the two traders were unable to produce the proof of their network’s owner and the authority in charge of its operation and maintenance being two different entities.

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