Federal Antimonopoly Service fines SverdlovEnergoSbyt

29 January 2008 (09:17)

Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service states that SverdlovEnergoSbyt, the region’s heat and electric power supplier, is guilty of violating the federal legislation on the protection of competition. According to the Service, the supplier colluded with MK Uralmetprom so that the latter could charge a certain commission while transferring the energy from the supplier to VIZ Stal and PUSK Ekb. However, any such commissions are illegitimate.

Besides, SverdlovEnergoSbyt is doing business with MK Uralmetprom while ignoring the fact that Sverdlovsk Region is the area subject to Yekaterinburg Electrical Network Company, the region’s guaranteeing supplier.

As a result, SverdlovEnergoSbyt had to face administrative prosecution and paid a fine of 50,991,351 RUR.

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