Governor Sumin coordinates fire fighting procedures

21 April 2009 (09:58)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin confirmed the interdepartmental coordination scheme designed for fighting fires in the region’s forests. According to the spokesperson for the Governor, the scheme is expected to enhance the efficiency of fighting forest fires.

The Main Forestry Administration is now responsible for the forest fund, national parks and forest reserves are to monitor their areas, the Ministry for Agriculture is to be in control of the farm fields, and South Ural Railways and the Ministry of Construction keep track of the railroads and highways, respectively. The activity of all these units is to be coordinated by the region’s Ministry for Radiation and Environmental Safety.

The divisions are responsible for burning down about 34,000 hectares of dried-up vegetation, plowing around the woods, and renewing or creating 31 kilometers of fire lines. This is expected to slow down the spread of fire and prevent its propagation onto the cities and villages.

The forests are being monitored from above two airplanes 24/7, so in case a fire breaks out, the Department of Emergencies will be notified at once. This has already proved efficient: only 146 fires have been registered since the beginning of the season compared with 1,368 fires a year earlier.

The fire will be dealt with by 132 teams of firefighters, 453 volunteer teams, 43 fire stations, 273 fire-fighting posts, 250 watch towers, 79 cars, and 120 tractors. The fire points can be examined by both the firefighters and investigative officers if necessary. The law-enforcement agencies are to look into the causes of fires and to detect the arsonists.

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