Authorities look into Bank VEFK Ural’s case

The authorities are currently interrogating the management of Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the Bank of Russia’s Main Administration. The inquiries have to do with the disappearance of 955.8 million RUR from Bank VEFK Ural.

‘The inquiry involves the top executives and a number of other employees, since the money vanished during the Central Bank’s scheduled inspection of Bank VEFK Ural. The investigative team had to question these employees’ work ethics. One cannot help wondering why the inspectors never noticed that such an impressive sum of money had disappeared out of Russian Retirement Fund’s account. Nevertheless, no charges have been made as of yet,’ says the spokesperson for Ural Federal District’s division of the Department of Internal Affairs Yulia Samsonchik.

The division has already instituted criminal proceedings regarding the embezzlement of over 955 million RUR from Sverdlovsk Region’s division of Russian Retirement Fund.

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