Bank VEFK Ural Chair kept in detention

1 September 2009 (07:35)

The district division of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs keeps investigating the case involving theft of the Russian Pension Fund’s 955.8 million RUR deposited at Bank VEFK Ural.

‘In the course of the inquiry, some instances of financial frauds and mercenary crimes were detected, with the bank’s Chair as the main suspect. In fact, Olga Chechushkova has already been arrested and placed into a detention ward upon the Ural Federal District division of the General Prosecutor’s Office’s demand,’ the spokesperson for the division announced today.

The court actually turned down the petitions placed by the accused and her lawyers and refused to free Ms Chechushkova from custody last Friday. On the contrary, the term of her detention was prolonged until November 28, 2009. The court’s ruling was grounded on the prosecutor’s evidence of the accused trying to manipulate the inquiry and prevent the establishment of truth through exerting pressure upon the witnesses.

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