Two businessmen sue

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court is to hear the claim laid by Evgeniy Salnikov and Vladimir Fraifeld against and Energotechnologii-XXI vek. The plaintiffs demand that the transaction signed by the two companies be declared invalid.

The agreement in question (No. 1/21.11.2008) involves the sale and purchase of some securities on November 21, 2008. In case the deal is deemed invalid, is to pay Energotechnologii-XXI vek 16,260,191.68 RUR and the latter is to return 15,712 corporate bonds to the bank; each bond has a face value of 1,000 RUR (file number 4-01-55217-Ĺ).

Evgeniy Salnikov placed a petition regarding the arrestment of’s cash assets (namely, 16,260,191.68 RUR) with the court, but this petition was declined, partially because these measures would infringe upon the interests of a third party – that is, the bank’s customers.

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