Degtyarsk Machine-Building Plant under attack

30 March 2009 (09:01)

Degtyarsk Machine-Building Plant’s management claims the company is under a raiding attack initiated by Malik Gaisin, a local entrepreneur.

‘Since the law-enforcement agencies do not seem to pay any attention to the notorious Malik F. Gaisin’s actions, one of Degtyarsk’s few operating businesses is under a threat of total destruction,’ the plant’s GD Valery Malygin was quoted as saying by the Anti-Corruption Committee.

The plant’s top executives report eleven buildings located on the plant’s premises have been registered with Kolva Ltd (controlled by Malik Gaisin). However, neither money nor taxes was paid for this, and the salaries still haven’t been paid to the workers as well.

‘It turns out that our business is now Gaisin’s hostage of sorts, the ‘acquisition’ of some of our buildings is nothing other than a raider attack aimed at taking over the whole plant’s premises. Kolva Ltd that owns our buildings actually belongs to Mr. Gaisin’s wife,’ Valery Malygin said.

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