Security market needs state involvement, Oleg Borisov says

27 March 2009 (08:41)

‘Providing for commercial security is an important part of social security and a top priority issue at the moment. This is a problem both the country as a whole and every city in Russia is faced with. This is true of Yekaterinburg as well. I believe this issue needs to be discussed and to be given a lot of attention at the city’s Security Council meeting,’ says Europe-Asia Information and Consulting Center’s GD and President of Ural Center of Nongovernmental Security Institutions Association Oleg Borisov.

The first professional report on Yekaterinburg’s security services market came out in March 2009. The research was ordered by the city council’s Commodity Market Committee and Deputy Mayor Viktor Konteev.

‘It’s obvious that a further research on the security services market is needed, with the state bodies’ involvement to ensure more information. I hope such a research will actually be carried out so that we can determine the state of the market as well as Yekaterinburg’s security needs,’ he notes.

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