Economic security service must be transparent, Oleg Borisov says

24 March 2008 (09:07)

‘The major problem today’s economic security market is faced with is habitual stereotypes. A business normally has some economic security services to protect it. A company is used to these services, but is incapable of evaluating the quality of the job they do: the larger a business is, the more intricate the job is. To assess the services’ performance, one has to have a lot of expertise in the field,’ Oleg Borisov, the General Director of Europe-Asia, the information and consulting center, said to UrBC.

‘On the other hand, this expertise is not something that universal auditors may invariably have. A company’s managers might believe that they have some economic security by default because they have a powerful proprietor and some strong management, while the economic security services may in reality be very costly, inefficient, and unable to protect the proprietor due to lack of training. This proprietor, though, has to keep them because he or she does not know how to assess their efficiency, in terms of expenses, for example,’ he added.

‘A company’s economic security service must be transparent both in terms of expenses and in terms of results. Lacking this knowledge is the market’s greatest problem,’ Mr. Borisov noted.

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