Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation still fails to pay wages

17 February 2009 (09:11)

Uralmash Machine-Building Corporation still hasn’t been able to cope with the arrears of wages in full. The enterprise’s employees say they only got their wages for December 2008, whereas their January pay is still pending. In addition, the company gave up on its welding engineering sector for the time being, while a number of production shops have been switched to shorter hours.

In the meantime, the recent checks completed by the public prosecution authorities revealed that Yekaterinburg-based Uralmashzavod had over 60 million RUR worth of wage arrears, the spokesperson for the Russian Federation’s General Prosecutor’s Office reports. Following the authorities’ order, the company’s workers were paid this sum in full and got 777,700 RUR as compensation as well.

As a matter of fact, Uralmash Drilling Machinery also delayed about 10 million RUR worth of wage payments; however, all their pay was handed over to the workers after the public prosecution authorities’ order. All in all, the authorities’ checks and the measures taken resulted in the elimination of 70.6 million RUR worth of wage arrears at Sverdlovsk Region’s enterprises.

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