URSA Bank’s net assets reach 213.4 billion RUR in 2008

6 February 2009 (08:23)

URSA Bank came up with a performance report for 2008 (based on the Russian Accounting Standards). The bank’s balance sheet profit came to 3.7 billion RUR on January 1, 2009, which was 1.1 times better than a year earlier.

URSA Bank’s net assets amounted to 213.4 billion RUR on the first day of this year, which exceeded the figures for January 1, 2008 by over 1.2 times.

The volume of customers’ investments rose by 1.2 times and reached 62.2 billion RUR last year, largely due to the growing business customers’ fixed term deposits. The private customers’ deposit volume amounted to 36.8 billion RUR; that of business customers came to 25.4 billion RUR in 2008.

The bank’s lending portfolio reached 132.2 billion RUR on January 1, 2009, with a nice-looking private/business customer loan ratio: the volume of loans offered to private customers came to 64.1 billion RUR, the volume of loans given to business customers amounted to 68.1 billion RUR.

URSA Bank’s own funds reached 26.7 billion RUR on January 1, 2009.

‘Despite last year’s market troubles, URSA Bank was able to keep all of its development indicators on the increase. We entered this year with a plentiful liquidity reserve, which is sure to let us operate stably even under a financial crisis,’ says URSA Bank’s First Deputy GD Vladislav Khokhlov.

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