URSA Bank’s own funds reach 25.8 billion RUR in January-March 2008

8 April 2008 (09:11)

URSA Bank’s balance sheet total doubled over the first quarter of 2008 and amounted to 292.2 billion RUR; the bank’s net assets (calculated in accordance with Interfax’s standards) rose by 1.9 times and reached 202.4 billion RUR in January-March 2008.

URSA Bank’s own funds increased by 2.1 times and came to 25.8 billion RUR on April 1, 2008, which is 13.3 billion RUR better than a quarter earlier. The bank’s loan portfolio grew by 58.2% and came to 119.1 billion RUR: the company’s retail loan portfolio went up by 90%, reaching 62.3 billion RUR, while the business loan portfolio rose by 34% and amounted to 56.8 billion RUR.

The company’s outside liabilities rose by 55.4% and up to 137.5 billion RUR, while the customers’ liabilities increased by 69.8% and came to 62.9 billion RUR and the internationally borrowed resources rose by 43.6% and reached 60.6 billion RUR.

Apart from this, URSA Bank’s balance sheet profit went up by 2.8 times and reached 1.6 billion RUR.

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