MMK’s plate mill shop to raise production output in February

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works’ (MMK) fifth plate mill shop is going to raise its production output in February 2009. The shop has had to cut back on the output earlier because of the macroeconomic difficulties; besides, some of the workers were busy constructing Mill 5000, but they are expected to go back to their usual workplaces in a month’s time, Magnitogorskiy Metall reports.

‘Starting February, we are going to intensify our production program. For one, we intend to produce 71,000 tons of cold-rolled metal. There is no risk of goods getting over-stored, because we know we’ll have to produce more for our major customers – KamAZ, VAZ, Minsk car factory, and UAZ – in just a month. We are prepared to manufacture the metal that meets their needs and we can provide them with what they want in terms of volume and quality,’ says head of the shop Sergey Laskov.

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