Rus-Bank-Ural deals in dollar loans

3 February 2009 (08:27)

Rus-Bank-Ural started dealing in foreign currency (USD) loans on January 26, 2009.

‘The new offer applies to automobile loans as well as consumer ones. The terms of these foreign currency loans (the sum, the interest, the requirements a borrower has to meet, and so on) are the same as those we hold for the classic ruble ones. The dollar is used to determine the amount of money borrowed from the bank, the interest rate, and the commission,’ the spokesperson for the bank explains.

‘We hope the new program is going to be popular with customers willing to buy a new car on credit (as a lot of automobile dealers have switched to foreign currency prices recently) and with those who want to spend dollars to buy things or pay for something like real estate or trips abroad,’ says Rus-Bank-Ural’s acting Retail Lending Director Olga Solovieva.

Incidentally, the bank offers its customers an assortment of various lending schemes, for example, an automobile loan, a consumer loan, express loan (involving a bank card).

‘The loan involving the use of a bank card is our most popular loan type at the moment, with about a third of all the loans we offer falling into this category. This loan type is provided for any purpose and can be immediately transferred into the borrower’s Cirrus/Maestro card account. This means our customer can cash the money at the most convenient time. Another advantage of this loan type lies in the fact that despite the ongoing crisis (when most banks have had to introduce increasingly less lenient lending terms), the terms of our Express-Cash-Card loan have remained the same,’ Solovieva added.

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