Only 80 out of 115 buildings to be ready by summit in Yekaterinburg

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel chaired the meeting of the regional committee responsible for preparing things for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in the summer of 2009. The Governor said that a report on how well Sverdlovsk Region was prepared for the summit was to be presented at a meeting in the Kremlin on February 11, 2009.

Last year, twenty summit-related projects were implemented successfully, with yet nine and seventeen summit-related events to take place this year on the federal and regional scale, respectively.

All in all, 115 buildings were supposed to have been completed by the summit’s time. Forty-five buildings have been commissioned so far and thirty-five more are getting completed. The facades of 350 buildings in Yekaterinburg have been remodeled. The coming heads of states are expected to stay at Hyatt Hotel, except for two delegations: the officials from Kazakhstan will probably be staying at Oktyabrskaya Hotel; those from China are to stay at Ukraine Hotel. Thirty-five hotels are ready to welcome the foreign visitors altogether.

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