Yekaterinburg must look like European city and not like huge construction site during Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, says Governor Eduard Rossel

1 March 2007 (14:16)

‘The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit was scheduled for 2009, and by this time, a lot of projects are to have been completed, for example, new highways and road junctions as well as the first line of underground. We have allotted 1.6 billion RUR for the underground construction this year, which makes it possible to work three shifts a day,’ Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel announced at the press conference today.

‘The second runway at Koltsovo airport is to have been done by October 1, 2007. In addition, we have to focus on the construction of the City Center, Hyatt Hotel, and Antey. They must be put up before the summit begins to make sure Yekaterinburg looks like a European city and not like a huge construction site. This is why it was suggested that we appoint a special Deputy Head of Government to look after all the summit preparations,’ Mr. Rossel noted.

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