Cottages in Priozerniy to be commissioned in 2010

‘Under the circumstances (that is, under the current liquidity crisis) most builders are in and because of the plummeting prices, all the plans related to putting up suburban cottages have been postponed by about a year. This includes, for instance, Snegiri cottage district; then, the construction of River Park Club in the countryside has been put off indefinitely, whereas the whole concept of the building had to be reconsidered because of the current economic problems. The same is true of many other projects. The construction of a cottage district in Priozerniy hasn’t even been started yet, so the buildings will probably be commissioned in 2010 not in 2009,’ MIAN real estate agency’s Marketing Director Alexei Kudryavtsev said to an UrBC reporter.

‘Even before the economic crisis broke out, suburban cottages did not sell extremely well in Yekaterinburg. Nevertheless, as the in-city real estate came to enjoy less demand, people grew more interested in land allotments both within and outside the city’s boundaries. This probably means they are thinking of putting up a cottage or a house by themselves. In the meantime, a square meter of a brick cottage in Yekaterinburg costs about 30,000 on average,’ Alexei Kudryavtsev explains.

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