Bank Monetniy Dom to expand product range gradually

‘Our top priority at the moment is maintaining operational stability and rendering top quality service to our customers. This comprises cash and settlement services and all the other products offered to entities,’ Bank Monetniy Dom’s Deputy Chair of the Board Galina Maltseva said to an UrBC reporter.

‘As the currently troubled economy gradually gets back to normal, we are planning on expanding the range of our products, mainly through more extensive lending, and reaching the ante-crisis level,’ she added.

‘Strange as it may seem, a crisis is a good time for finding new customers. A lot of companies have already felt that their partner banks started treating them differently during a crisis, so they are now trying to find a new bank that could meet their needs. We are doing our best to become such a bank for them. Besides, we are positive that the trouble is going to be over soon and the new stage of rapid economic growth will begin. And this will be when a bank’s loyalty a customer felt during some hard times will be an investment in the long-term fruitful cooperation in the future,’ Maltseva noted.

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