Chelyabinsk Region’s wage arrears go down 20 million RUR

8 December 2008 (08:31)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin discussed last week’s achievements with his deputies and set the goals for the coming week. He was quite satisfied with Deputy Governor Yuri Klepov’s announcement that the regional wage arrears had gone down by 20 million RUR. Besides, a few local enterprises called off their applications placed with the employment service regarding 535 prospective redundancies.

Then, the Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development agreed to provide the region with 900 million RUR (directed from the federal budget) needed to relocate people living in slum areas of dilapidated buildings. The region will add another 728 million RUR to this, so over 1.6 billion RUR will thus be spent on the project, of which 450 million RUR will be directed to Chelyabinsk and 400 million RUR will be directed to Magnitogorsk, whereas the remainder of the sum is to be distributed among Zlatoust, Miass, Kopeisk, and some other towns. About 1,500 apartments with total area of 55,000 square meters are expected to be bought in newly built apartment buildings. First Deputy Governor Vladimir Dyatlov reports the developers will first receive 30% of the dwellings’ cost, while the remaining 70% is to be paid after the ownership over the apartment has become available. He also said the developers would have to offer discounts on their apartments. In Chelyabinsk, for instance, dwellings will be bought at 27,200 RUR per square meter.

What is more, the Defense Ministry is planning on acquiring 622 homes for the military located in the region as soon as this year and 3,500 apartments next year. Another 88 million RUR will be directed to the regional budget to buy homes for the Great Patriotic War veterans. Petr Sumin said that his mass-scale apartment buy-out will aid the developers greatly and give them enough turnover means to keep on working.

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