A third of workers to switch to short day, Pipe Metallurgical Company says

1 December 2008 (14:03)

‘Because we are experiencing some order shortage at the moment, we have to take steps to be able to keep our skilled workers employed,’ Severskiy Pipe Plant’s (Pipe Metallurgical Company) HR Director Tatiana Korobeinikova said in the course of Sverdlovsk Region’s trilateral employer-employee relationship committee’s meeting.

‘Firstly, we’ve stopped hiring new workers for the time being. Secondly, 33% of our staff have had to switch to a short day mode. Thirdly, a portion of workers with varied skills have been transferred to some other departments and shops. Then, all those willing to do so are allowed to take an up to two months’ leave without pay. Finally, forty-nine people will be made redundant on January 31, 2009,’ she explained.

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