Mechel Bank to officially become Monetniy Dom on December 15, 2008

Starting December 15, 2008, Mechel Bank’s new name – Monetniy Dom – is to be officially used in all the documents.

The bank’s EGM on July 23, 2008 resulted in the decision to change the bank’s name into Bank Monetniy Dom (an open joint-stock company).

Beginning from December 15, 2008, all kinds of documents the bank is to handle must bear its new name. As a matter of fact, the rest of the bank’s details have remained the same, that is, the bank’s C/A number, the tax payer number, the bank identification code, the tax inspectorate registration code (KPP), and the state registration number (OGRN) as well as the bank’s address, license number and other details.

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