Bogoslovskiy smelter’s output drops 35.7%

The Russian Federation Ministry for Industry and Trade reports the country’s virgin aluminum production output keeps going down due to decreased demand and falling prices on both the home and foreign markets.

The production outputs dropped the lowest at enterprises located in the Urals and the European part of Russia. According to the data available, UC RUSAL Bogoslovskiy smelter’s output dropped by 35.7% in January-May 2009 compared with January-May 2008; the output figures also decreased by 28.8%, 26.5%, 15%, 5.1%, and 17.3% at Nadvoitskiy smelter, Kandalakshskiy smelter, Volgograd smelter, Krasnoyarsk smelter, and Novokuznetsk smelter, respectively.

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