Kyshtym copper plant edits collective agreement

29 September 2008 (07:29)

Kyshtym copper plant (part of Russian Copper Company) has recently voted for a new version of the enterprise’s collective agreement, thus closing up the ad hoc committee’s work related to the collective agreements adopted for Russian Copper Company’s divisions in 2008-2011.

The new agreements are already being used in Novgorod metallurgical plant, Novgorod Region, Uralgidromed, Sverdlovsk Region, Ormet, Orenburg Region, Karabashmed, Chelyabinsk Region, Alexandrinskaya ore mining company, Chelyabinsk Region, and Kyshtym copper plant, Chelyabinsk Region.

‘The discussion on the changes that could be made to the companies’ collective agreements proved that their management and workforce, as well as the trade unions, had one and the same vision of the enterprises and Russian Copper Company’s development. Each company’s employees independently thought up and determined the main socio-economic development parameters to go by, including the wage level and indexation, the scale of social welfare benefits, and subsidies directed to socially important buildings,’ the spokesperson for Russian Copper Company said to an UrBC reporter.

‘The discussion naturally involved a lot of disagreements and fierce debates. The fact that a compromise was arrived at, however, resulted in decreased social strain and proved the possibility of an open dialogue between the management and the labor force. In addition, it was made clear that all the data regarding a company’s financial activity were available to any worker. The collective agreements the enterprises ended up with stemmed from some serious elaboration and now express the overwhelming majority’s opinion. This is why meeting these agreements’ regulations is every employee and top executive’s top priority at the moment,’ the spokesperson explains.

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