MegaFon-Ural launches MegaZachet

24 September 2008 (07:45)

IncoreMedia and MegaFon-Ural, the mobile operator, are going to launch a special offer dubbed MegaZachet from September 22, 2008 till October 21, 2008.

Upon entering the SIM menu’s Entertainment rubric (except for Games/Java section), you get a text message regarding the offer and a part of a certain word alongside with the content you’ve ordered. After you put the five parts of the word, you can forward it to service number 5016 via a text message and get the media content as a prize, provided you get the word right, of course. The first two senders will get an iPod Nano 4Gb player, MegaFon-Ural’s press officer reports.

The winners get selected on a weekly basis, so those who receive four or less parts of the word will lose them at the end of the week and will have to start assembling the new word to get the prize. The prize-winning ceremony will take place no later than November 11, 2008.

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