Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant to get world’s most efficient gas-cleaning unit

23 September 2008 (07:31)

The newest gas-cleaning system is going to be installed at Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. This will be a part of the enterprise’s steel-smelting complex meant for manufacturing cast-steel ingots for seamless pipes with the capacity of 950,000 tons a year.

The capacity of the gas-cleaning unit comes to 2.1 million cubic meters an hour, which means 99.6% of process gas (the by-product of steel-smelting procedure) can be trapped and cleaned in accordance with the Russian environmental legislation and the European air polluting norms.

Thanks to the new equipment, the final dust content in the air will come to no more than 10 milligrams per cubic meter, while the dust particles will not exceed 10 microns in size.

The system is unique in that the pipe is fitted with the emission-monitoring meters, so the effectiveness of the cleaning process can be traced all the way through. The plant’s Environmental Protection Director Viktor Kuznetsov says this is the world’s most advanced and efficient gas-cleaning facility at the moment. He also says the construction of the gas-cleaning units is done within the framework of the enterprise’s environmental protection program that is expected to receive nearly ?15m worth of investments in 2008-2015.

The gas-cleaning system will probably be launched in the first quarter of 2009, prior to launching the steel-smelting complex’s main equipment.

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