URSA Bank’s Magnificent Seven deposit is great marketing solution, Unicom Partner says

10 September 2008 (10:34)

‘The bank deposit market is greatly diversified, with offers varying in both the interest rate and the amount of money one can deposit, as well as in the kind of currency you use and the sort of assets you invest in. URSA Bank’s latest offer is definitely a great marketing solution aimed at the customers who want to get a lot of things in one,’ says Unicom Partner Investment Company’s Deputy GD Dmitriy Zemerov.

URSA Bank’s Magnificent Seven deposit is unique that it provides for a flexible interest rate, the topping up and withdrawal option, and a very reasonable down installment sum and the deposit’s automatic prolongation.

‘There are plenty of other banks that offer similar products; the difference lies in the way URSA Bank presents its product. A massive ad campaign might entice quite a few new customers in,’ Zemerov adds.

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