Magnificent Seven is our flagship deposit, URSA Bank says

1 September 2008 (07:59)

‘Not only did our Magnificent Seven deposit prove as good as we had expected it to be, but it actually surpassed our boldest expectations. More than 7,500 people have used this deposit type within the first month of launching it alone, which is even more striking given that that we did not engage in any aggressive ad campaign to speak of. The deposit grew so amazingly popular that we thought it best to introduce it in all of URSA Bank’s subsidiaries a few weeks ahead of the original schedule. We’ve even had some customers calling from offices in Serov who wanted to use the deposit ASAP just a couple of days after the deposit was introduced in the bank’s Yekaterinburg HQ,’ URSA Bank’s Ural branch’s Vice President Alexei Sannikov says.

‘It is already clear that The Magnificent Seven is going to be our flagship deposit offer. This is a product we’ll expand and develop with. The deposit was the bank’s second most popular product in just the first month of sales, outstripping many other products that were there for several years already. In fact, The Magnificent Seven is even expected to become our No.1 product in the very near future,’ Sannikov notes.

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