Primexpo can’t compete with locals, Natalya Bessonova says

27 August 2008 (08:37)

‘Primexpo claims they are coordinating a kind of industrial exhibition yet unique to Yekaterinburg, but this is not quite true. We’ve had plenty of exhibitions like this, including, for example, Ural - Techno, Science, and Business that featured all the industrial branches. This fair has been held in Yekaterinburg for fifteen years now,’ says Natalya Bessonova, who runs an exhibition-coordinating company.

Saint Petersburg-based Primexpo announced it was about to enter Sverdlovsk Region’s exhibition and fair market with its IndustryExpo project scheduled for November 2008.

‘Universal fairs are a thing of the past. If Primexpo fails to secure the support of the local industrial community, nothing is going to work. Sverdlovsk Region is one of the country’s most industrially developed areas, and there is no point in organizing an industrial exhibition here. Primexpo will definitely be unable to compete with the local operators,’ Natalya Bessonova noted.

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