Krasnaya Shapochka mine is properly maintained, Rostechnadzor reports

Krasnaya Shapochka mine belonging to United Company RUSAL’s Severouralsk bauxite mine (SUBR) underwent the annual multipurpose industrial safety examination by Rostechnadzor (the state environmental, technological, and nuclear safety watchdog). The inspectors looked into the enterprise’s documents, checked the company’s compliance with the surface work and subsurface mining technologies, and tested the workers’ knowledge of the necessary emergency actions and labor protection requirements.

Each site on the mine’s premises had been inspected for at least a day. Chief state inspector Oleg Kirovskiy examined the mine’s skip shaft No. 2, including a whole set of shop floors all along the 104-meter-long head-frame of the mine. The inspectors came to the conclusion that all the equipment and working areas are well maintained and properly taken care of.

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